Monday, 14 March 2011

I thought I should introduce myself. But I dunno what to say.
I made this blog for no particular reason. Except the one that maybe I'll find someone who cares for the side of me that I never show anyone. The broken side.

Been 'bloghopping' or whatever the term is. Found some cool stuff. People here are cool.
Since I have nothing to do most of the time, I might stick with this thing. It's a good feeling knowing that it'll stick back.

I have had a blog before, though it wasn't really a 'blog' in those days. Tons of random shit. Which I'll spew out here too, most probably. But at least I'll be able to call it the shit of an actual blog.

Being in Pakistan evokes mixed emotions for me. I don't fit in. I want to go back, even though it's impossible. But in a way, I like this place. The place, not the people. Though I've spotted some Pakistani people here. On this blogwagon thing. Which is kinda nice. Kinda. They may be the type I would like.

Gonna look for more stuff to read here now.

How do you end a post? Bye?

I feel stupid.


  1. Thank you for the follow, and your comment. And welcome to blogdom.

  2. You're welcome. And thanks for following me, too. Nice surprise, there. Thank you ^.^

  3. We both kinda write in the same style. No?

  4. I'm flattered you think that way.

  5. Aw, stop it! All this complimenting is making me nervous :/ :)