Thursday, 16 June 2011

I missed the eclipse. Heard it was trippy. A red moon does sound cool. Wonder if anyone wished upon it. It would be cool, wishing upon the moon. Why did I miss it?


  1. I watched it online. It wasn't that cool. Not a big deal, for sure.
    Wishing? Never heard of wishing upon a moon.

  2. I missed it cause it was too bloody cloudy


  3. I didn't have an eclipse in the States so I wouldn't know. -_-
    Good for you; wishing on stars is overrated. :P Even if the wish doesn't come true, the moon is known to affect your mood. Just like ocean tides. Except they don't have feelings. <--Kind of drifted off the point there.
    By the way, were you the one who asked? :)

  4. Maryam, To me it would have been a big deal. ^.^

    Smokey, Ha. Maybe next time? If you're alive for it?

    Beyond Timid, Oh, that sucks. Yeah I get what you mean about the moon and feelings and all that.
    Yes it was me ^.^

  5. When does all this happen :|